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Manage your house
like in the game and earn DOM
Order services for your home or be the first to find problems in your home and get points. Order home goods and services, get bonuses and discounts. Become the hero of your home.
Up to 1 000 points DOM
level green
5 home orders at 30% off. Domestiq cap and the Master of the house patch as a gift
Up to 5 000 points DOM
level blue
15 home orders at 30% off. Domestiq cap, raincoat, and a «hero at home» patch as a gift
Up to 10 000 points DOM
level purple
30 home orders at 30% off. Domestiq cap, raincoat, and a «guru at home» patch as a gift
Thank your
Manage your home through the app
Order a pass for guests, pay for utilities, book a parking space, report a problem, find out the status of your task, you can do this in the app and get DOM points for it.
Find the best deals for your home and get even more DOM points
We will help you find the best water delivery or food delivery, house cleaning or window washing with a big discount and bonuses.
Become the hero of your house and get the purple DOM level
Get a monthly selection of home offers with the maximum discount and gifts from Domestiq.
Thinking. Single. Simple. Usefull. Understandable
We will help digitize every step of interaction with the resident in a playful way.
We will help you achieve comfort and quality of life together